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Increase The Value Of
Each Patient

With tight turnarounds and regulatory obligations, it can be tough to cover all options with patients in the timeframe of a consultation.

Hoolux Medical produces a library of patient education segments that plays in your waiting room, informing your clientele of relevant tests and services that may be covered by their insurance. The net result: healthier, happier patients and a boost for your bottom line!

Increase The Value Of Each Patient
Ace Your ACO Quality Measures

Ace Your ACO Quality Measures

The Hoolux system can help to raise your scores in 45% of the 33 ACO measures. That means higher Shared Savings Scheme revenue for you, and better health for your patients.

Report on the Ability of the Hoolux System to Assist Physicians in Achieving the 33 Quality Measures Required for ACO Shared Savings Program Disbursement


Hoolux is a dynamic, patient-facing healthcare and wellness information service. It takes the form of a smart TV in the physician's waiting room, which intelligently serves informative and accurate content matched to the age, gender and ethnicity of the waiting patients. The unique content is created by Hoolux's own professional team of videographers, artists, writers, actors and certified medical advisors.

This report investigates whether having a Hoolux system in their waiting room will help a physician to meet the 33 quality measures required for disbursement of shared shavings achieved through their participation in the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) scheme.

Specifically, the report aims to show that the wording of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)'s narrative description of the measures (and of additional relevant material such as surveys) is broad enough to allow the Hoolux system to form a valuable and measurable part of the patient-educating ecosystem which also includes face-to-face consultations, telephone/email communication, leaflets, and online information. The ultimate results of adopting the Hoolux system will therefore be a) qualitative improvement in patient experience and health, and b) quantitative improvement in the physician's score in 45% (as determined by this report) of the ACO quality measures, leading to higher reimbursement.

Real Time Patient Insights

Want to know what your patients like about your practice, and what you can improve? The Hoolux Medical Patient Satisfaction Survey (HMPSS) is about to revolutionize American health analytics.

Get instant, real-time feedback on your clinic's satisfaction ratings over time, or compared to local or national averages

Real Time Patient Insights
Health Literacy

Health Literacy

Study after study confirms it: better health literacy leads to better health.

Hoolux Medical’s content engages, educates and empowers patients to take a more active role in their health. Health-literate patients get sick less, and use treatment more effectively. That leads to big savings for them, the state, and (through the Shared Savings Scheme) your practice.

Receive More Patient Referrals

Get More Patient Referrals

Patient referrals are essential to a thriving practice. It is thought that 80% of patient dissatisfaction stems from long wait times.

Hoolux Medical retools waiting rooms by delivering targeted, informative content directly to the waiting patients. They in turn perceive a shorter wait time, leave more satisfied, and are more likely to refer friends and family to you.

Waiting Times

Hoolux Medical uses smart technology to turn waiting rooms into educational experiences. Our system automatically selects and plays health content that is relevant to the patient in the waiting room.

What was once a tedious wait becomes an active, positive part of your healthcare experience. Studies show that informed patients heal more quickly and stay well for longer periods of time.

Waiting Times
Booking Engine

Booking Engine

Hoolux offers a state-of-the-art online booking engine. Using an app or the web, patients can find and book with you by location, specialty, insurance carrier, and/or ratings from the Hoolux Medical Patient Satisfaction Survey (HMPSS). The modest pricing is on a per-booking basis. A welcome change from certain costly flat-fee services!